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 Effortlessly Lift Even Your Largest, Heaviest, Area Rugs To A Height Of 10 Feet With Just A Touch Of A Button

With a RugBadger Dry Tower system, huge area rugs
up to 20 feet long can be easily lifted to dry 10 feet high


RugBadger Powered Dry Tower
RugBadger Dry Tower

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After giving any kind of area rug a full immersion type washing, a proper drying process is absolutely critical to maintaining health of the rug.

If left wet for too long, rugs will begin to deteriorate and create problems you would much rather avoid.

But by hanging up rugs, gravity, heat and air flow over both sides of the rug will guarantee to quickly remove all the excess moisture still in it.

The only problem is, how do you efficiently lift rugs that are as long as 20 feet long and can weigh as much as a small car when soaking wet?

3 Ways A Powered Dry Tower System Makes
Drying Heavy Wet Rugs A Breeze

Large wet rugs are notoriously difficult to handle. Not only are they extremely heavy, they're also awkward to move and hard to lift up to dry. 

But with a powered dry tower system by RugBadger.com, drying rugs as long as 20 feet becomes a breeze. Here's why:

  • The powerful motor and cables do all the heavy lifting for you. If you ever had to manually lift and hang a wet 16 foot rug, you'll appreciate how much easier, faster and more efficient a motorized lifting system will be in your shop.
  • The units stand at a height of just over 10 feet high. Now you can hang even the most challenging rugs that top out at 20 feet long
  • Long lifting poles to easily handle wide rugs. Not only can rugs be long, they're also sometimes wide. With a choice of 13 or 16 foot lifting poles, you'll be able to handle virtually any rug you can can get to your shop.

Totally Free Standing And Easily Put
Together With Simple Tools

RugBadger Dry Towers extremely stable, free standing, independent structures. That means you never have to anchor them to the floor or the ceiling and can move them to where you need them to be - even a new location.

They’re even built on a modular concept so as your business grows you can even add on additional 6 or 10 foot section (depending on model)!

All RugBadger dry towers are built using the best components available to ensure strength, stability, easy trouble free handling & long life. This includes:

  • Large diameter pulleys for longer cable life.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized wire rope
  • Strong motors and drive units for the lift system.
  • Easy to assemble using just simple tools!

So Which One Of These Dry Towers Is Ideal For Your Area Rug Cleaning Business?

Click on a Dry Tower image to get more information on that specific model

RugBadger 613 Dry Tower

RugBadger 1016 Dry Tower

613 Dry Tower

1016 Dry Tower




The RugBadger Dry Tower 100% "Oops!" No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

I know how important it is to feel you've made a right decision - especially when buying new equipment. The last thing you want is to do is feel like you made a mistake and then be stuck with area rug cleaning equipment you can't use or even want.

So that's why RugBadger Dry Towers  have a 100% "Oops!"
No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have to feel 100% confident with your purchase. If for any reason you're not happy with your Dry Tower, just give me a call. The whole package is fully returnable, refundable & exchangeable within 30 days from the moment you accept delivery.

So, go ahead, test everything out.

  • Set up and see just how well the Dry Tower fits in your area.
  • Discover just how easy it is to lift up large, heavy, soaking wet rugs to a height of 10 feet with just a push of a button.
  • See for yourself how huge 20 foot long rugs can easily be

    accommodated and lifted on the Dry Tower.

  • Smile at the fact you'll save time and space by being able hang rugs vertically on a tower and effortlessly lift it up so gravity and air flow can remove all the excess moisture.

Then, if at 30 days you're still not convinced your Dry Tower makes lifting and hanging large heavy rugs faster and easier, call me right away and I'll arrange to have everything picked up and your money completely refunded.

What could be more fair than that?

Helping you get more out of rugs,

Stephen "Dusty" Roberts