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The MasterForce
Model 503 - 500 psi


A Portable High Powered Water Extraction Unit For Your Area Rug Cleaning Profit Center

Now You Can Have Nearly All The Serious Power
Of A Truckmount With Total Portability

Once you finished giving an area rug a full immersion type washing, you'll want to extract as much water out of it as possible.
But if owning a RugRevolution is not an quite an option for your company yet, then the next fastest method is to use is the new MasterForce Portable Extractor.
This is an ideal unit for any size rug cleaning plant.  The advantages are clear:
  • It's fully automatic. With the automatic pump-out and fill, you'll never need to manually fill or empty it. You'll save money in time and labor costs.
  • It's cheaper and easier to run than your truckmount. With this portable extractor, you can eliminate the all the noise, environmental pollution and high fuel costs of running your truckmount.
  • It's just plug-n-play. Hook up the hoses, connect it in to an ordinary electrical wall socket and you're ready to go.
  • It's a powerful as a truckmount. At 500psi and 1.5 gallons per minute you'll be extracting water from rugs just as fast (but cheaper) as your truck mounted unit.

The power, size, portability and versatility of this extractor makes this unit the perfect choice for any size rug care facility.

The MasterForce Model 503 is ideal for area rug

The MasterForce Model 503 has two 3-stage vacs. Automatic pump-out (can handle flood situations with 20 gallon per minute capabilities) and automatic water fill and chemical feed system. The 500 PSI pump is a true 1.5 gallon per minute pump (like a truck mount).