Grab A Decade's Worth Of The Most Profitable Marketing Secrets Ever Developed For The Area Rug Cleaning Industry

"Watch as these underground marketing strategies shove more referrals, more customers and more money through your door than you ever got from advertising."   Dusty Roberts

From the desk of Dusty Roberts

Dear textile care professional,

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Hi, my name is Dusty Roberts and I've spent my entire adult life in the carpet cleaning industry, but for the last decade I've focused exclusively on area rugs.

Now even though I had a successful carpet cleaning company with several trucks and employees, I kept running into the same aggravating problems. Problems like losing old employees and training new ones, poor job quality, high fuel costs, replacing broken equipment, etc.

All those problems disappeared virtually overnight the moment I focused on area rugs because:

  • I could clean area rugs all in one location like an assembly line production keeping my costs done and profits up
  • With a 10 day turn around, quality control was extremely easy to maintain
  • I reduced my employees requirements by 85%
  • Employees were easier to train, they got generous bonuses and stayed for years
  • People brought their rugs to me (instead of me going to them)
  • I made more money ($3-$7 sq ft) with rugs than with carpet cleaning (0.60 sq ft)
  • I got rid of my trucks and saved over 95% on my fuel & maintenance costs
  • I didn't have to do any of the cleaning and spent more days with my family

Sounds great doesn't it?

It is today but when I first started I ran into a problem.

You see, when I made the decision to clean area rugs exclusively, there were no mentors, resources or marketing materials to short cut the difficult and expensive trial and error experience I was forced to go through.

It took a bit of time but I finally learned how to market my area rug care business, dominate my city and even invent my own rug equipment to make cleaning area rugs faster and more efficient.

Over the last ten years I secretly developed marketing strategies that made me dominate the entire area rug cleaning industry in my city.

And now you can have access to them.

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I'm seriously considering raising the price so you better order now before that happens.

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Helping you get more out of rugs,

Dusty Roberts