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 How Professionals Are Using A Rug Finisher To Get Clients To Fall In Love With Their Area Rugs All Over AgainYour Secret Weapon For Finishing Oriental Rugs  

It's not just how you clean a rug that separates you from all those "me to" companies who claim to be as good as you.

It's how you finish off a rug that really makes a difference, not only to your clients but to the amount of referrals they'll be sending you as a result.

The Yorkster 500 is the secret weapon of top area rug cleaning professionals in the industry and this video below will show you why:



Full Demo Of The Yorkster 500

Why Freshly Cleaned Area Rugs Still Need A Rug Finisher

One of the biggest questions asked about this product is why would there still be dirt on a rug that was freshly cleaned?

The reason has to do with "wicking".

Because of wicking, the small amount of dirt left in the rug gets carried up to the surface by the water. When the water evaporates, the dirt left behind acts like a thin film over the rug fibers making them dull.

But with a Yorkster 500 that thin film of dirt is removed making the colors in the rug come alive and really pop!

The Yorkster 500 has a rectangular surface plate so you can move right up to the corners and edges of a rug without fear of catching an edge and flipping it. With it's orbital motion of 1800 oscillations/min gently massages the rug fibers and does four important things:


       1) Absorbs any remaining dirt on the rug fibers
       2) Makes the rug fibers feel incredibly soft & fluffy
       3) Makes the colors of the rug really "POP!" out
       4) Protects the rug from re-staining

The Yorkster 500 creates a profound effect on both the rug and the owners who see the final result.

As moisture evaporates from the rug it tends to leave the fibers feeling a little stiff. The Yorkster corrects all that by making it incredibly soft in a matter of seconds. So when your clients reach down and feels the rug you've used a Yorkster 500 with, they always comment how beautifully soft and fluffy the rug feels again.

It's like watching them fall in love their rug all over again.


"We put the Yorkster together today and used it. WOW!! I love it!!!!! And I always thought the rugs were clean when we got done. Big difference!"

Mark "CRF" Kelsey


"You're a genius Dusty!  Guess I was wrong thinking my rug was clean before the yorkster!"

Mike Sanders
St. Petersburg, FL




"This machine never ceases to amaze me! I cleaned this rug 2 times and rinsed it for 1 hour total.

The water was clear and I dried it with 2 air movers and I dehumidifier. I thought it was ready to be wrapped up when I came into work this morning, but I thought wrong.

It still had a strong pet odor to it. I sprayed DSE encapsulating formula on it and used the Yorkster 500 to agitate the fibers. The odor disappeared instantaneously!"

Mitchel Rogers




Owners of area rugs spend a lot of time finding the "right one" for their decor. Whether it's an expensive Tabriz or frugal Home Depot rug, people love to have their rugs look and feel like new. And with the Yorkster 500, you can deliver that to your clients every time.