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Discover The Stainless Steel 5 Way Rug Wand
Flooding/Rinsing/Squeegee/Air duster/Jacuzzi tool
$750 plus $60 shipping
  • FLOOD TOOL: the perfect tool to quickly and evenly flood out rugs
  • RINSE TOOL: flat bottom design to accelerate the rinse water to carry away contaminates
                              faster then older rounded pipe designs
  • SQUEEGEE TOOL: heal down on the tool to squeegee the standing water off the rug quickly
  • AIR TOOL:-hook up to a blower for air dusting rugs
  • JACUZZI TOOL: hook up to a blower for jacuzzi washing of fragile rugs
  • A full 14" wide to make quick work of any rug
  • Solid stainless steel for decades of rust free service
stainless-rug-wand-1   stainless-rug-wand-5   stainless-rug-wand-7


The Stainless Steel Rug Roller
20 inch non-segmented rug roller with
for up to 100 lbs of weight for fast,
effective & efficient removal of urine & water
$750 plus $60 shipping

  • No segments in roller like the red light weight rug rollers you see or the lino rollers
    that miss areas of rugs and leave them stinky.
  • Adjustable weight so you can safely roll the most delicate rugs or load up the weight
    to over 100 lbs. for even the thickest and baddest rugs!
  • 2.5" diameter roller for dramatically more compression than the much bigger diameter
    lino or sod roller.
  • 14" inch width to make quick work of PISSY rugs.
  • Solid stainless steel roller and wand for decades of rust free service
stainless-roller-1  stainless-roller-4  stainless-roller-6
$750 plus $60 shipping
The Stainless Steel Paddle Squeegee
Stainless Steel Paddle Squeegee for extremely fast
removal of urine & water from a rug

Look how fast this Paddle Squeegee gets water & urine out of a rug!

$750 plus $60 shipping



What Others Are Saying


Dear Dusty,


I’ve been working with your two new tools since we were in Houston at the Rug Lovers Tour (couple of months now).
I’d like to give you some feedback on them.


Keep in mind that we’ve been cleaning rugs for 30 years and we use a Mor compression wringer.


These tools have definitely been an asset. It’s much more time effective to use the “Piss Roller” in the pit several
times in a row as opposed to putting it through the wringer and carry it back around to the pit and do it all over again,
and again, and again…


We use it  with an additional 50lbs of weight added. It’s works great and we can follow the PR with flooding with fresh
water. Does an excellent job.


The other wet tool (I’m not sure what you’re going call it) has sped up our wetting out of rugs as opposed the hose
method. It works really great on shags of all types.


Keep up the good work and I look forward to your new inventions!


Mr. Mike Reed


Austin Texas




"We have used and been SUPER happy with results of the new Roller Compression Tool just in
from Rug Badger.

We use it by rolling the "deep soils and contamination" free from the inner structure and then
drop in fresh replacement water in its wake. With the added feature of the weighted mount plate
and the strong durable structure it is much easier than earlier light tools we have tried.
Quality tool well worth the $$"
Shawn Bisaillon
Instructor and rug washer (since knee high to a grasshopper)

"The first time I tested one of these I said, I gotta have one of these.

This is a tool I will use on every rug and I love how it uses sheering action of water to lift the
contamination up and out of rug so quickly"

Nathan Koets
Advanced Restorations
Grand Rapids MI.