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With A RugRevolution, Any Heavy, Wet Area Rug
You Put In
Will Come Out Feeling Dry To The Touch,
Be A Lot Easier
To Handle And Dry Up To 10 Times Faster

From the desk of Dusty Roberts


Dear Textile Care Professional,

Do you own a company that specializes in carpet cleaning, oriental rug cleaning or flood restoration?

Then you may already know one of the most costly and time consuming parts in area rug cleaning is everything that happens AFTER you wash a rug. It takes a massive amount of...

  • Man-power to physically handle the awkward heavy wet rugs
  • Physical exertion to pull or push water out of the rug
  • Electricity to run dehumidifiers to suck moisture out of the air
  • Energy to heat a drying room to the right temperature
  • Space to hang rugs up to dry
  • Time to properly dry a fully soaked rug
  • Time & labor to fix and detail fringes
  • Time & labor to groom rug fibers

The longer you have to work on a rug to be ready for the customer to pick up, the less money you make.

But there is an easy solution!

How To Stop Water From Becoming
A Crippling Curse When Cleaning Rugs

Hi, I’m Dusty Roberts and I’ve spent my entire adult life in the carpet cleaning industry. During the last ten years I’ve focused exclusively on the most lucrative niche in our industry: area rug cleaning.

One of the biggest profit killers I ran into were area rugs that had to be fully submerged in water. It presented a huge challenge both physically and financially.

Even though I needed water to clean the rugs, it became a curse that caused me all this grief...

  • It made the rugs extremely heavy, messy and awkward to handle
  • It required time, labor and energy to manually pull out as much moisture as possible with a portable extractor
  • It required dehumidifiers to be run non-stop consuming electricity
  • It forced me to have high heating bills in order to dry the rugs quickly so they don't go all "funky"
  • Water that couldn't be extracted was pulled down by gravity towards the fringes making them need a lot of time, energy and labor in detailing
  • The rug fibers became all crusty and needed time, labor and energy to groom them properly

But that changed the day I realized all all I needed to do was find a way to quickly extract as close to 100% of it as I could and my problems would be solved.


5 Ways Centrifuge Wringers Slash Your Time,
Energy And Labor Costs By 50% (or More!)

When it comes to understanding the true costs of cleaning area rugs, no one knows it better than George Bell.

George Bell runs one of the biggest area rug cleaning operations in the Southeastern United States. His company has cleaned well over 480,000 rugs, runs two RugRevolution centrifuge wringers and knows a thing or two about the rug cleaning business.

Watch this video as George describes the 5 different ways a centrifuge wringer makes him more money.

George Bell on the money he's generating with a RugRevolution

Here's a quick recap of what George Bell says his new RugRevolution does for his company:

  1. No more grooming needed
  2. Fringe detailing eliminated
  3. Drying time reduced by 70%
  4. Energy needed for heating nearly eliminated
  5. Increased Production

Two Critical Performance Boosting Innovations
Found Only On

The RugRevolution centrifuge wringers are an astonishingly quiet, water extracting, area rug cleaning machine that feature these two hot new "patent applied for" innovations:

* A sound, vibration and movement elimination system. This free standing unit soaks up and absorbs all the harmful, damaging and annoying vibrations all other centrifuges generate & transmit through the floor to adjacent offices and suites (this is especially severe for machines bolted directly to concrete).

This sound, vibration and movement elimination system also prevents the unit from "moving around" (a common problem for freestanding centrifuges) thereby ending the frustration of having to reposition the unit every time it is used.

* A Fresh water injection system. Now clean, fresh water can be injected into the middle of an area area rug while it's still inside the centrifuge! You'll save time, money and labor by never having to repeatedly rinse the same rug outside the machine again. The Rug Revolution will even cut the amount of expensive water needed to fully rinse a rug.

The RugRevolution also has these exclusive features:


*Although a 2 port design is an interesting idea, in practical terms you need double the space to take advantage of it. Our research has revealed space in most rug cleaning facilities is limited and would likely never be able use a 2 port design. For example a 14’ model means you’ll need the machine centered in a 42’ room to fully take advantage of this feature. The other consideration with a 2 port design is it has a much slower RPM and rugs will not wring water out anywhere near as well as the advanced engineering built into the RugRevolution Pro-SS.

Additional RugRevolution Features

All RugRevolutons are built to take advantage of your buildings power supply and will be set to run on either single or three phase power.

Stainless Steel Tubes 
The inside tube is 3/16 inch 316 Stainless Steel.  The outside tube is 1/8 inch polished 304 Stainless Steel.

Support Carriage
The support carriage is all 4 inch 1045T mild steel

Fastest Rug Spinner Available
The Rugbadger RugRevolutions are the fastest rug spinners on the planet. At 1500 RPM, water from area rugs get extracted so fast and so thoroughly they are nearly dry when they come out. Rugs spend less time both in the rug spinner and on drying racks - which will significantly will speed up your production and increase your efficeiency.

At the heart of the RugRevolution is the main bearing. This bearing is the same one used in 18 wheeler trucks which makes it quiet, smooth, able to take heavy loads and maintain cool temperatures at high speeds. This bearing can run for hours and never needs to have a 15-30min cool down cycle like inferior multi bearing rug spinner designs do. The RugRevolution will let you keep your production running all day without interruption so you never lose production time or efficiency.

Shocks & Vibration Dampening Technology
All RugRevolutions employ a dual vibration dampening system - heavy duty shocks and and air bag suspension. These two components nearly eliminate 100% of the vibration so none of it gets transferred into the floor.

Other competing brands of rug spinners do not use any kind of shock or vibration dampening technology. As a consequence, these rug spinners tend to hop around if not bolted to the floor and transfer a large amount of harmful vibrations and sound through the floors and walls of the building it is located in. Often the vibrations will disturb any neighbors located in the same industrial building as the machine.

But with the RugRevolution's Vibration Dampening Technology you will never feel or hear any vibration being transmitted through the floor. Your neighbors will never know you even have a rug spinner in your shop.

Whisper Quiet at Full Speed
Even when the RugRevolution is running at full speed (1500 RPM) the sound coming from it is only 56 db loud. That makes this machine quieter than a normal conversation which is rated at 67db.

Many competing rug spinner brands require users to wear hearing protection. The sound of these machines can be so loud it travels through walls and disturbs your front reception area and neighboring businesses (if located within the same building).

But when you use a RugRevolution the operation of this equipment is so quiet sometimes your employees won't even realize it is on.

Here is a screen print of a sound analyser listening to the RugRevolution running at full speed.


12 Questions You Need To Ask BEFORE Investing In A Rug Spinner 

If you're considering purchasing a rug spinner, here are some points to consider when comparing brands...

  1. Is the builder a genuine engineer or just a clever fabricator that copied another flawed and flimsy design?
  2. Is it engineered, manufactured, warrantied and serviced in the USA?
  3. Does it have high quality stainless steel inside and outside cylinders for decades of rust free service?
  4. Does the spinner truly run at 1500 RPM?
  5. Will the spinner bog down on bigger rugs?
  6. Is the rug spinner whisper quiet when running at full speed or does it rattle and make make a ton of noise?
  7. Have you tested the spinner with a 10x14 or bigger 90 line Chinese rug to see how it really performs with your own eyes?
  8. Does the suspension work properly and absorb all the vibrations so you don't feel the machine shaking your floor?
  9. Does the bearing system heat up under load so that you have to cool the machine down between loads?
  10. Are the controls separate from the spinner to protect the circuits and switches from damaging vibrations?
  11. What exactly is the written warranty?
  12. Will manufacturer still be in business to honor the warranty when your spinner breaks?


The Famous RugRevolution Knee Drop Test

Please Note: This RugRevolution Pro-SS warranty
is in effect for all orders delivered after Oct 1, 2012


Here is a demo of the RugRevolution that
George Bell uses in his rug cleaning facility:

A Full Demo Of The RugRevolution Area Rug Centrifuge Wringer



3 Minutes Of The RugRevolution's
21,000 PSI Of Power Eliminates All
The Expensive Grunt Work For You

The RugRevolution centrifuge wringers makes cleaning area rugs faster, easier and more profitable than ever before. In less than 3 minutes you will have...

  • Rugs that are light, nearly dry and much easier to handle
  • Eliminated doing any manual water extraction as well as the time, labor and energy needed for a portable extractor
  • Reduced or eliminated the need for energy & moisture sucking dehumidifiers
  • Slashed your heating bills because rugs dry within hours with simple air movement
  • Eliminated expensive labor intensive fringe detailing
  • Ended the need to groom rug fibers because they are soft to the touch when dry (and not crusty).

ROI: How A RugRevolution
Pays For Itself In Under 12 Months

With all the time, energy and labor a RugRevolution helps save, any company doing a moderate amount of rug cleaning should be able to save (on the conservative side) at least $150 day.

$150/day x 5 days x 52 weeks = $39,000.00

That's means a RugRevolution will have completely paid for itself in 12 months!

Take a look closer look at the Stainless Steel RugRevolutions which are available in the following sizes

  • Pro SS 1000, 10'4"x 18" inner diameter, Footprint 4'4" W x 12'0" L x 3'10" H
  • Pro SS 1300, 13'4"x 18" inner diameter, Footprint 4'2" W x 14'6" L x 3'10" H
  • Pro SS 1600, 16'4"x 18" inner diameter, Footprint 4'4" W x 18'0" L  x 3'10" H

Pro-SS - More info

The RugBadger 100% "Oops!" Satisfaction Guarantee

I know how important it is to feel you've made a right decision - especially when buying new equipment. The last thing you want is to do is feel like you made a mistake and then be stuck with area rug cleaning equipment you can't use or even want.

So that's why RugBadger.com has a 100% "Oops!" Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have to feel 100% confident with your purchase. If for any reason you're not happy with your RugRevolution, just give me a call. The whole unit is fully returnable, refundable & exchangeable within 30 days from the moment you accept delivery.

So, go ahead, run the RugRevolution through it's paces.

  • Slide in soaking wet area rugs and watch how it effortlessly spins out gallons of water.

  • Feel how much lighter and nearly dry the rugs are when they come out of the RugRevolution.

  • Hang the rugs up and see how much faster they dry.

  • Discover how little grooming your rugs need after they're dry. Notice how soft the fringes are and how little detailing they need (if any!).

  • Even better: do a side-by-side comparison on two identical rugs. Take the first rug and measure the time, labor and energy it takes to completely dry and detail a rug using your existing method. Then with the second rug, extract the water using the RugRevolution first, then measure the time labor and energy it takes to completely dry and detail the rug.

Then if at 30 days you're still not convinced your RugRevolution makes drying area rugs faster, easier and more profitable, call me right away and I'll arrange to to have everything picked up and your money completely refunded.

What could be more fair than that?

Helping you get more out of rugs,

Stephen "Dusty" Roberts


RugBadger ProStar SS - Area Rug Centrifuge Wringer