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Comprehensive Guide To Oriental & Specialty Rugs 

Comprehensive Guide To Oriental & Specialty Rugs



 How To Become an Oriental Rug Expert Almost Overnight With This Comprehensive Guide 

Ellen Amirkhan & Aaron Groseclose's have created the richest goldmine of Oriental rug information ever crammed into one product.

Their manual called, "A Comprehensive Guide to Oriental & Specialty Rugs", is really an entire Oriental rug seminar in a book.

With this guide, you can laugh at any of the Oriental rug worries you've ever had. It has all the practical how-to steps you'll ever need for identifying problem rugs, what inspection procedures to use and even the exact cleaning methods for any type of rug.

 This 19-chapter book is the first of its kind written for the rug cleaning professional.

Many books have been written on oriental rugs with an emphasis on history, structure, culture and identification with cleaning as an afterthought.  Many of these authors have limited firsthand experience with the challenges of day-to-day commercial rug cleaning and repair.

Drawing upon their years of cleaning, teaching, appraising, and visiting the most respected and successful companies in the country, the authors combined research with firsthand knowledge in developing the most comprehensive guide in the rug cleaning industry.

Packed with over 900 photographs, maps and drawings, you'll know how to identify, inspect and clean the rugs most commonly seen in any rug cleaning business.

Of particular interest to the restoration industry, this book covers effective procedures for handling smoke damaged, sewage, mold and fungal contaminated rugs.  It's entirely new information, written specifically for this book, and can't be found anywhere else.

The Comprehensive Guide to Oriental & Specialty Rugs is the perfect tool you need to build your own Oriental rug profit center. Every question and worry you ever had about rugs will dissolve with this guide in your hands.

Detailed information like this used to be only available in Aaron & Ellen's rug cleaning seminars. Now you get all their knowledge condensed into the most powerful rug manual on the planet.

This one-of-a-kind book will turn you into an expert in no time. Unlike a seminar where you have to rely on your notes and memory, everything will be right at your fingertips whenever you need it. You'll understand all the key points about rugs including:

    * History of Oriental Rugs
    * Fibers and Dyes
    * Construction of Machine-Made Rugs
    * Specialty Rugs
    * Hand-Knotted Rugs; Construction and Design
    * Persian Rugs
    * Tribal Rugs
    * Other Countries Producing Hand-Knotted Rugs
    * Road Map to Rug Identification
    * Chemistry of Rug Cleaning
    * Rug Pre-Cleaning Inspection
    * Rug Cleaning
    * Plant Operations and Procedures
    * Rug Spotting
    * Problems and Solutions
    * Additional Services
    * Appraisals
    * Resources
    * Glossary

The information found here is totally new and was written specifically for you, the professional carpet cleaner. It's the kind of knowledge you cannot find written anywhere else in the world.

Get it now and start discovering how you can care
for any type of Oriental rug!

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